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Hourly Research Service 

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You might like us to carry out specially tailored, hourly, research for you, and you may commission as many hours of research as you like. This may include desk research as well as archive and location research in Devon, or any combination of these. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


We charge by the hour, plus expenses, and charge the same rate for all types of research, so it is easy to be flexible according to your needs.  See our prices.


If it's just a quick query, why not start with just our minimum two hours?  


Give us a quick call to find out if this would be suitable for you - and remember that complex queries take more time.  Contact us now.


Please note that we don't trace living people, nor do we usually travel outside Devon.


All research work undertaken includes a full analysis and a final report (apart from minimum fee bookings of 2 hours - when our research results are communicated in an email).


Please note however, that for bookings of less than four hours, reports are provided in the form of an electronic PDF file, which will be emailed to you. No hard copies are provided for bookings of less than four hours.


Desk research


Ever increasing numbers of original historical images and indexes are becoming available online. This now makes it possible to  research many post 1837, and a significant number of pre 1837 records online, in the office - without visiting the archives. Large numbers of international records are also available online. Where important material is located outside Devon and it isn't yet online, we will advise you of any further steps which may be taken.

Archive research


We are based in Devon, and visit all of the three Devon record offices:  the Heritage Centre in Exeter, the record office in Plymouth and the record office in Barnstaple.  We can also visit any other the other archives and relevant repositories within the county.  These include the Devon Rural Studies Archive at Modbury, Plymouth City Library, Plymouth University, Exeter Cathedral Archives, Exeter University and Buckfastleigh Abbey.  See our prices.


Location Research


We are always pleased to travel anywhere in Devon to carry out location research, whether this is a visit to a graveyard, a church, a house, a building, or to a village or town of relevance to your enquiry, just let us know what you require. See our prices.


Other services


See the other services we offer.


Terms and Conditions


All commissions are subject to our standard terms and conditions.