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Location Photography Service

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Location Photography


It's always fascinating to see where your ancestors lived, or find out where they were baptised, married or are buried, and many clients find that owning a high quality photograph adds an extra dimension to their family history.


We would be delighted to travel anywhere in Devon to take photographs for you.


We can visit cemetries, graveyards, churches, chapels, ancestral homes, or the hamlets, villages or towns where your ancestors were born, lived or worked.  Just let us know what you require and give us as much information as you can about the precise location.


Please note that it can be difficult to locate headstones, and inscriptions may be hard to read if they are heavily weathered or damaged.

Location Research


In addition, we would be happy to carry out location research for you.  This is charged on an hourly basis - see our hourly research service for further information.  To see our full range of services, click here.


Prices Within Devon


We charge £43.00 per hour for location photography within Devon.


Minimum Fee


Our minimum fee is based on 4 hours of work and is £172.00 plus expenses.  

Mileage and Travel Time Charges

We charge mileage at the rate of 45p per mile. Travel time is charged at the rate of £10.00 per hour.


We do not charge VAT.

The Images


All commissions include a selection of high quality digital images (JPEG), which will either be emailed to you, made available for you to download, or sent to you on a CD-R, plus a short report.


High quality photographic prints are available separately to order.



Clients are asked to pay a deposit before any work is commenced. Please note however that for minimum fee projects (4 hours), payment in full is required in advance.


Contact Us  


Please contact us to discuss your project and payment amounts, before you order


All commissions are subject to our terms and conditions.


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