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Find your English ancestors


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A professional genealogical service helping you solve your family tree problems. Devon specialists.




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TEL:  44/(0) 1548 531169

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1.  Request an order form:


You must complete one of our order forms if you wish to order work from us. The sale cannot be processed without your completed order form.


Please note that when you place an order with us, you are expressly acknowledging that you are under an obligation to pay.  But you should not make a payment until you have submitted your completed order form.  


Our order form will ask you to confirm that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.


To request an order form, please go to our contact page and then either email or ring us.  We will then send you an order form for you to complete.


2.  Send us your completed order form:


Once you've completed your order form, please email it back to us, then you must pay us.  


3.  Go to our pay page to pay us:


Please use our button below to take you to our pay page, where you can make your payment using PayPal.  


If you'd rather pay a different way, please read our terms and conditions for further information about alternative acceptable payment methods.


When we have received both your completed order form and your payment, we will formally acknowledge your order and give you an estimated completion time for your work. Our contract will start with you when we acknowledge your order.

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